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Social Commitment

IFA is a socially responsible and environment-friendly brand. We at IFA believe each of us has a responsibility to the world we live in and therefore, we are all collectively committed to leaving this world a better place than we found it, or at least do the best we can. While we acknowledge that creation and consummation of our products and services has consequences on the environment and communities alike, we are working to change that. Our willingness for positive change and openness to behaviors and technologies we can adapt to reduce our negative impact on the world, its environment, and the communities IFA is attached to is a proof of our commitment to society.

Ethical Labor Practices

We are an Australia based brand but understand that our supply chain consists of factories that employ labor from many different cultures and communities throughout the world. These national cultures have their own laws, norms, and traditions which we at IFA acknowledge and greatly respect. That is why we are committed to working together with all constituent entities that make up our supply chain to not just improving and strengthening our business but providing a better quality of living for all the people we touch in the process. We advocate and practice safe and fair working conditions and believe the management of social and environmental issues in our supply chain to be our responsibility.

Going Green

We don’t just claim to be environment-friendly but employ green business practices as well and are dedicated to increasing our efforts in the department in the future.
We are already witnessing the effects of climate change on our planet as a result of climbing levels of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases and want to do our part in countering that. Therefore, we have a plan of putting solar on all our buildings and reducing up to 30% greenhouse gas emissions as a result of the next ten years.
When it comes to using paper, recycled paper is the greenest option as it reduces carbon dioxide emissions and can be recycled up to 4 to 5 times. That is why we are changing to a more environmentally preferable paper purchasing policy to convert all office paper to 100% recycled paper.



We believe in and are inspired by Australia’s National Breast Cancer Foundation’s efforts and mission for zero deaths from breast cancer. Australia’s National Breast Cancer Foundation’s work in Australia has had a positive impact on women around the globe. We have thus initiated an ongoing partnership which sees 1% of every dollar we make being donated to NBCF’s efforts for breast cancer research and awareness.
NBCF’s Website


Charity starts at home and we firmly believe that. IFA promotes several organized charity events and encourages all working at IFA to take one fully paid day each year out of the office and dedicate it to either these events or to any charity or voluntary project of their choice.

IFA and Art

We are committed to the preservation of traditional arts and do our part by employing professional artisans who incorporate these values and designs into their work of designing, developing, and manufacturing of new products.